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Dog Intolerance Test

Is your dog showing symptoms as visible skin problems, vomiting, diarrhoea, discomfort,
or mood swings without any apparent cause? International Bioscience’s dog intolerance
test can help you discover your dog’s reaction to 152 foods and 48 non  food items and
determine what exactly is causing your dog’s symptoms.

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Dog Intolerance Test

Price: $69
Testing: 1 Dog Sample
Timeframe: 5 working days after we receive your samples at the laboratories

Your dog may be intolerant to different foods such as gluten, salmon or almonds and environmental elements such as pollen, leather, perfume, among others. This intolerance may manifest itself through symptoms such as digestive problems, skin irritations, hair loss, constant licking and eating grass. When it comes to intolerances these adverse reactions do not pose a threat to your pet’s life but it is important to detect them in time to prevent them from becoming a health problem.

It is important identify which elements of everyday life are causing discomfort to your furry companion and with the help of your veterinarian act by avoiding the harmful elements to alleviate your dog’s symptoms.

Why should you order the Dog Intolerance Test?

Like humans, dogs can also be sensitive to certain foods or environmental elements that cause adverse reactions that are reflected in symptoms affecting their health and well-being. Dog Intolerance Test will help you to identify your dog’s reaction to a list of 152 foods and 48 non food items covering not only common foods and supplements but also daily household products which may result in being harmful to your pet.

Additionally, the results report will furnish you with recommended guidelines for systematically removing elements that trigger adverse reactions in your dog. It will also assess the gradual reintroduction of these elements into your canine companion’s life over a specified period.

It is also important to note that this test is NOT for identifying allergies, as the effects of intolerances disappear after avoiding the offending elements for a period of time, whereas with allergies the symptoms will remain for the lifetime of your pet because they are adverse reactions of the immune system and can cause serious and life-threatening damage to your furry friend.

Important Note: It is suggested that the dog being tested is over 6 months of age since puppies tend to experience changes in their sensitivities as they age.

Click on the following link to view all the 152 food items and 48 non-food items covered in this test.

Understanding the Test Results

The results report uses three colours to classify the elements to which your dog is sensitive according to the level of reaction.

  • No reaction: Green
  • Mild reaction: Yellow
  • Sensitive reaction: Red

A detailed analysis of the food and non-food items and a final section of summary and actions are also included.

Results are available in around 5 working days from receipt of samples at the laboratory and will be sent by email. Click here to see a sample report.

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The Food Suggestion Report provides tailored recommendations, excluding allergens marked “Strong Intolerance” and, when feasible, those labelled “Mild Intolerance.” Ensure your dog’s best life with a customized nutrition plan!

The Sample Collection process

Samples for the Dog Intolerance test is collected through a relatively easy and harmless procedure that consists of taking a sample of your pet’s fur, either by brushing or, if this is not the case, by cutting the hair very carefully.

It is important that you carefully follow the instructions for collecting, packaging and shipping the samples included in the sample collection kit that you will receive when you order your Dog Intolerance Test.

Along with the fur sample you can also send the laboratory a sample of dust, pollen, food, or anything else that you suspect may be causing an adverse reaction in your dog. For this the kit includes a green tube for storing the sample and instructions.

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