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GPS Origins™ DNA Ancestry Test

Delve deep into your family roots and discover what countries, cities or
islands your ancestors hailed from. Get your GPS Origins™ test today.

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GPS Origins™ DNA Ancestry Test

Price: $159
Testing: 1 person
Time frame: 4-6 weeks from the moment we get your samples at the laboratory.

Most of us know very little about our origins beyond the past handful of generations. Wouldn’t you like to know what countries your ancestors came from and where your DNA originated? The GPS Origins™ ancestry test enables you to delve deeper into your roots by analyzing 800,000 DNA markers to trace your true ancestral roots, right down to the very country or area from where they started. Accurate and detailed, this cutting edge test compares your individual genetic signature to a database of over 10,000 signatures from 500 populations from studied geographic locations to identify the places where your DNA formed.

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The test starts from just $159*. This all-inclusive price includes:

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• Laboratory analysis.
• Results.

Results are ready in 4-6 weeks from when your samples reach the laboratory. A confirmation email will be sent with your due date upon receipt of samples.

Learning more about your ancestry with GPS Origins™

The GPS Origins™ ancestral DNA test allows a more revealing and insightful picture of your recent ancestry (as opposed to other ancestry tests which trace your ancestry thousands of years back). The GPS Origins™ test indicates the country, island, city or village where groups of your ancestors from different cultures met and mixed their DNA through marriage and living with other cultures. Their DNA mutated and became peculiar to these social groups or communities and made them genetically more similar to each other than to their ancestors or to the communities they left behind.

GPS Origins™ unique algorithm was developed by Dr Eran Elhaik and his team at the University of Sheffield. The GPS Origins™ ancestry test is the most sophisticated, geo-targeted ancestry test available to date and traces your ancestry to just around 1000 years from the present date.

What will your results show you?

1. An overview of our shared history, starting from the first modern humans to the journey out of Africa, our common point of origin, to colonise the rest of the world.
2. An analysis of your unique gene pool which will give you a break down, expressed in percentages, of your origins from different countries.
3. Maps will details the migration roots and stories of your ancestors, giving detailed information of the world at the time they lived.

View a sample result by clicking the below image

 The results are an online interactive report, this pdf is just a sample
gps origins 12.31.46

Other ancestry tests

There are other ancestry tests on the market. Different ancestry tests can help you find out different aspects of your ancestry. Tests available include:

Maternal lineage testing: this test is based on the analysis of maternally inherited mitochondrial DNA. It will enable you to discover where your mother’s maternal ancestry, tracing your roots to your earliest maternal ancestors. Results identify your unique MtDNA haplogroup and show the migration routes of your maternal ancestors.

Paternal lineage testing: this test is based on the analysis of the Y chromosome, solely inherited by males and passed down the male line. It will enable you to discover where your paternal ancestry, tracing your forefather’s roots right back to your earliest maternal ancestors. Results identify your unique haplogroup and show the migration routes of your paternal ancestors.

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