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Maternal Lineage Test

IBDNA offers you the chance to discover your ancestral lineage with our maternal lineage
DNA test. This test is ideal for unraveling your family heritage from you mother’s line.

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Maternal Lineage Test

Price: $169
Testing: 1 person
Timeframe: 4 – 5 weeks from receipt of samples at the laboratories

Discover who your foremothers where and where they originated from. If you wish to begin uncovering your ancient ancestry from your mother’s side of the family that this test is just what you need.

A maternal ancestry lineage test analyses your mitochondrial DNA – an important type of DNA that is solely passed down the maternal line and also forms the second human DNA genome. All offspring inherit MtDNA from their mother but only females pass the inherited MtDNA to their children. This chain of MtDNA inheritance repeats itself for a very long chain of maternal ancestors linking the earliest of these ancient foremothers to you, here in the present day.

The results of our test will provide you with our own maternal lineage certificate which will show in a clear and indicative way, the migration paths of your foremothers – literally a picture of your ancient family tree.

Your haplogroup designation will also be included in this test. Think of haplogroups as your ancient maternal clans. Knowing your haplogroups means knowing your true early origins – are they Indigenous American? West Asian?South Asian?European?

We will also connect you, by means of this DNA test, to your very own genetic relatives and tell you about other famous people with which you share a haplogroup.

Maternal lineage testing is offered at the price of $169. Your results are ready by email in 4 – 5 weeks from receipt of samples at the laboratory.

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What is the difference between Autosomal Ancestry Tests and Sex-Chromosome Ancestry Tests?

Some ancestry tests, such as maternal lineage and paternal lineage testing, are based on the analysis of sex chromosomes (either the Y chromosome or the X chromosome). Other ancestry tests, such as ancestral origins testing, are based on the analysis of autosomes (autosomes are those chromosomes we carry that are not sex chromosomes). To understand more about the difference between autosomal ancestry tests and sex chromosome ancestry tests, click here.

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