Italian Greyhound

The Italian Greyhound is submissive, affectionate, and gentle. They can be reserved with strangers but very attached to their masters. They can also be timid and high strung.
Italian Greyhounds were bred to chase and hunt small game, sometimes reaching speeds of 25 miles per hour! They will chase anything that moves and will not be easy to catch if loose. But, because of their high energy and love of exercise, they make a great jogging or exercise partner.

An intelligent breed, Italian Greyhounds are easy to train but traditional methods sometimes don’t work due to their “what’s in it for me?” attitude. This especially shows in housetraining. But, life with an Italian Greyhound is never dull. They are playful, sometimes intentionally naughty and may try to take advantage. They love to cuddle with you for one minute then run around the house the next.

Italian Greyhounds love to sunbathe on sunny days and do not like to be cold or wet, making bath time especially tough. At night, they love to bury themselves under the covers. If Italian Greyhounds think they are being ignored, they will demand your attention and follow their owners everywhere.

A small dog with a big personality, the Italian Greyhound is loving, possessive, and affectionate.

Major Health Concerns: The Italian Greyhound is hardier than it appears. They are not particularly delicate, but their bones are fragile and easily broken until they reach about two years of age. They are prone to Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) and epilepsy.

Interesting Fact: The name of the breed is a reference to the breed’s popularity in Renaissance Italy.

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