A true sight hound, the Basenji will run after anything that moves, especially cars. They should also not be trusted with non-canine pets. They are similar to cats in that they keep themselves clean. Although they do not bark, they are not totally mute, they may howl, growl or even make a yodeling sound. They are affectionate but also independent. They may be aloof with strangers.

The Basenji is prone to Fanconi Syndrome, a kidney disorder. They are also prone to IPSID, (Immunoproliferative Small Intestinal Disease, which is an inflammatory bowel disease. Also found is Progressive Retinal Atrophy. (PRA)

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The Australian Cattle Dog is a great pet to train as they have been bred to do so. However, due to their herding traits they do tend to nip at running objects a.k.a little children and thus may not be too well suited for a new family.

An extremely loyal and devoted breed, the Chihuahua can in extreme cases become very jealous and aggressive towards those trying to steal away the affection of its owner. This said, they make up for it with their comedic value as a breed!

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