Scottish Terrier

The Scottish Terrier is an independent, self-assured, active breed. These dogs are found to be great watchdogs due to their loyalty to their families, endless determination and fearless personality. The Scottie may be found to be aggressive around other dogs if not properly previously introduced. They have the ability to survive outdoors but is found best to live indoors.

Scottish Terriers were originally bred to hunt foxes and badgers where he developed his opinionated and self-directed demeanor. They are loyal, brave and too smart to forget anything. Though they are intelligent, Scottish Terriers can be difficult to train as they were bred to work separate from their owners.

A great family dog, Scottish Terriers are gentle and playful with children. They are not suited for homes with babies or toddlers, though, as they will stand up for themselves if they feel the need, which could result in a bite. They make amazing watchdogs due to their immense bravery. They have a loud bark, unlike the yappy ones of their terrier companions.

Due to their hunting nature, they are known to dig holes in the yard as well as chase prey right into the street. Early training is necessary to ensure it doesn’t get out of hand. Scottish Terriers also do best when they have a job to do. They require moderate daily exercise to help channel their inner drive and intelligence.

Major Health Concerns: The Scottish Terrier has 2 major health concerns one being VWD (the abnormally low production of a protein found in the blood which plays a key role in the complex process of clotting a damaged blood vessel), and the other being CMO.

Interesting Fact: Popular Monopoly piece: The board game was established in the 1930s and the dog game piece is a favorite among players. At the time of the game release, Scottish Terriers were the most popular pet in America.

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