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Paternity DNA Testing in Washington


If you love the Netflix series, ‘House of Cards’, then you’ll love Washington, D.C. Take a trip to the seat of American power where congressionals drink in bars and there are more historical sites than you can shake a stick at. There is a lot more than politics to this city and you will be surprised by the quaint Victorian Dutch-inspired architecture zones and boutique coffee bookshops as well as amazed by the historic monuments.

There is also a jazz history to this city, such as the wonderful Duke Ellington who was a local and performed on stages along U St NW where you can still find some atmospheric jazz clubs and soul food.

Do ‘the tour’ and take in the Pentagon, State Department, Congress and the White House itself. There is a lot to see in a single city, gawp at the Declaration of Independence or visit the Lincoln Memorial where Martin Luther King made his “I have a dream” speech. Washington, D.C. is famed for the Smithsonian, a monumental museum financed by a generous Brit back in the 19th Century. Thank you James Smithson, as his gift to the USA was to create a ‘diffusion of knowledge’ and there is nothing like this museum anywhere. It is stuffed with artefacts and split into different specialties: the National Air and Space Museum, Museum of Natural History, Museum of American History and the Museums of Asian Art. The greatest things in life are free and so are these museums!

DC will pile on the pounds, the city sits between North and South and is known as the ‘gateway’ to the South thus you can eat all kinds of food. From Chesapeake Bay try some crabs, oysters and rockfish and from the Virginia Piedmont fill up on game, pork, wine and peanuts. There is a massive ethnic population here so gorge on Salvadoran pupusas, Ethiopian stews and Vietnamese dumplings. Also try the Southern traditional plate of collard greens, sweet potato and grits smothered in butter, washed down with iced tea of course.

If a suite here is called the ‘Roosevelt’ it is probably because Teddy actually slept there! Luxury boutique hotels like the Jefferson are near the top of list featuring opulent jazz-era interiors. There are also lots of chain hotels and B&B’s but nothing comes very cheaply. Also try the Tabard Inn, named after the inn from The Canterbury Tales, this historic hotel is set in a trio of Victorian-era row of houses. Hence English and Europeans alike will feel certain nostalgia here as the architecture in places is very reminiscent of Victorian England and older parts of Amsterdam.

As you can imagine the congressional workers here need to let off steam after a hard day’s work and where better than Downtown, Capitol Hill and DuPont Circle where you will see between 4pm and 7pm a lot of very happy drinkers enjoying happy hour and a lot of guzzling of DC Brau. Unlike the more teetotaller towns, D.C. actually does love a drink. Try Little Miss Whiskey’s Golden Dollar, Dan’s Café or Round Robin which is the most infamous drinking institution in the city.

Paternity DNA Testing in the USA

All International Biosciences’ DNA analysis and paternity DNA testing is carried out at a laboratory  and accredited in accordance with the recognised International Standard ISO/IEC 17025:2005 by A2LA, a signatory to the ILAC arrangement. New York State has specific requirements for DNA testing including: collection by a third party under chain of custody; the specimen must be accompanied by a test order from your physician or lawyer; and specimens must be submitted to and analysed by a laboratory holding a NYS permit. Our laboratory holds a New York State Department of Health certificate. Please contact us for more information.

Speak to International Biosciences about Paternity DNA Testing

International Biosciences accept orders for Paternity DNA Testing from Washington, D.C., the surrounding areas and all of USA.

Contact International Biosciences on 1-800-837-1725 or click here to email us.

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