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Paternity DNA Test in Ohio


Ohio or the ‘Buckeye state’, named so because of the Ohioan Buckeye tree native to this Midwestern state,has several cities of interest and Cincinnati is one of them. Famous for a few things from the ‘Goetta’,a type of sausage, the ‘five-way’ or a cheese, bean, onion, spaghetti and chilli dish, flash mobs and a ventriloquist museum (Vent Museum), there is more to this city than you first thought. For one there is a German influence and it was once a beer drinking paradise back in the 1800s what is left of this is a series of ‘beer tunnels’ which you can dive into via America Legacy Tours. The city also hosts massive street-painting parties, night bicycle rides and oncea ‘splash dance’ flashmobwhere a crowd appeared and busted out some synchronised moves in the Fountain in the city’s main square. Also don’t forget to try to catch a baseball game. By contrast, the capital of Ohio, Colombus, is like a dependable neighbour, restrained yet solid and it’s also very easy on the old wallet as Ohio’s state university Columbus has made sure it’s pretty cheap to get out and about and also have a good time. The Ohio Historical Center has been recently renovated into an interactive 21st century museum and for those who want to visit the Hopewell Indian sites this is perfect.

International Biosciences can send a Paternity DNA Test kit by courier to arrive the next day at any Virginia address.

Paternity DNA Test in the USA

All International Biosciences’ DNA analysis and DNA testing is carried out at a laboratory accredited in accordance with the recognised International Standard ISO/IEC 17025:2005 by A2LA, a signatory to the ILAC arrangement. New York State has specific requirements for DNA testing including: collection by a third party under chain of custody; the specimen must be accompanied by a test order from your physician or lawyer; and specimens must be submitted to and analyzed by a laboratory holding a NYS permit. Our laboratory holds a New York State Department of Health certificate. Please contact us for more information.

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