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Is Danney Williams the lovechild of Bill Clinton?



The child of a former prostitute who claims she had a relationship with Mr Clinton while he was Governor of the state of Arkansas has asked again for Bill to take a paternity DNA test. Danney Williams – Clinton says Clinton had a relationship for about a year with his mother that ended when she became pregnant.

“I have requested a DNA test” says Williams and added “all I want to do is shake my father’s hand.”

Williams claims that by doing the paternity DNA test he will prove what he has believed all his life, that Bill Clinton is his biological father and that Chelsea Clinton is his half-sister. I wonder what Chelsea would say to that?

Danney was brought up by his aunt after his mother was imprisoned and his aunt actually took him to Hillary Clinton’s door to present him to her this door was quickly slammed in their faces.

Previously Star magazine failed to prove that Clinton was the father. Allegedly the magazine used semen samples from Monica Lewinksy’s dress along with samples from Danney and his mother. This Paternity DNA test has always been criticized for its authenticity, people questioned how the magazine could have gained access to the garment and the DNA samples which was in the possession of the Department of Justice. In 1999 Slate wrote that the test was fool proof but that the results of the Paternity test only suggested that President Clinton is only “20 to 30 times more likely than a random Caucasian man to be the father” and added “The legal threshold is 100”. Doubts remain about the test and the outcome. What the love child wants now is the truth and to be able to get on with his life whether he is or he isn’t Bill Clinton’s son.

So it remains to be seen if Bill Clinton will finally be tested again properly by giving his own DNA samples willingly and thus quashing the rumours that this young man has had to live with his whole life.

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