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DNA Tests in Pennsylvania


In a state so large it’s not surprising that geography helps figure out their identity. The further west you go the closer you are to the rest of America. Philadelphia, once the heart of the British colonial empire is very culturally of the East Coast. People of Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania on the other hand are proud to identify themselves as part of the city or immediate region, revelling in their blue-collar reputation and their differences from East Coasters.

Moving east to west, the countryside becomes more rugged and you begin to appreciate the sheer size and diversity of the state. Philly’s Independence Park and historic district offer an ideal chance to come to some understanding of America’s origins. Nearby, the battle sites of Gettysburg provide a chance to travel back in time. But the city and state offer more than the clichés associated with school field trips. Eye-popping natural forests and mountain areas such as the Poconos and Allegheny National Forest provide endless outdoor activities. Both Philadelphia and Pittsburgh are vibrant university cities with enthralling music, performance and art movements. Frank Lloyd Wright’s architectural masterpiece, Fallingwater, and Amish country, not to mention the region’s small, artsy towns, are ideal for weekends away from it all.

International Biosciences offer DNA tests throughout Pennsylvania and can send DNA tests by courier to arrive the next day.

DNA Tests in the USA

All International Biosciences’ DNA analysis and DNA testing is carried out at a laboratory  and accredited in accordance with the recognised International Standard ISO/IEC 17025:2005 by A2LA, a signatory to the ILAC arrangement. New York State has specific requirements for DNA testing including: collection by a third party under chain of custody; the specimen must be accompanied by a test order from your physician or lawyer; and specimens must be submitted to and analysed by a laboratory holding a NYS permit. Our laboratory holds a New York State Department of Health certificate. Please contact us for more information.

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