DNA My Dog
List of Certified Breeds

The DNA My Dog Breed test has access to a vast genetic database covering more
than 80 of the most prevalent breeds of dog found in mixed-breed dogs. Below is
a list of all the dog breeds tested:

Afghan HoundChihuahuaMiniature Pinscher
Airedale TerrierChinese CrestedNewfoundland
AkitaChinese Shar-PeiNorwegian Elkhound
Alaskan MalamuteChow ChowNova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever
American Eskimo DogCocker SpanielOld English Sheepdog
American Staffordshire TerrierColliePapillon
Australian Cattle DogDachshundParson Russell Terrier
Australian ShepherdDalmatianPekingese
BasenjiDoberman PinscherPembroke Welsh Corgi
Basset HoundEnglish SetterPomeranian
BeagleEnglish Springer SpanielPoodle
Bearded CollieFlat-Coated RetrieverPug
Belgian TervurenFrench BulldogRat Terrier
Bernese Mountain DogGerman Shepherd DogRhodesian Ridgeback
Bichon FriseGerman Shorthaired PointerRottweiler
Black and Tan CoonhoundGolden RetrieverSaint Bernard
BloodhoundGreat DaneSaluki
Border CollieGreat PyreneesSchnauzer
Border TerrierGreyhoundScottish Terrier
BorzoiHavaneseShetland Sheepdog
Boston TerrierIbizan HoundShih Tzu
BoxerIrish SetterSiberian Husky
BrittanyItalian GreyhoundSoft Coated Wheaten Terrier
Bull TerrierKeeshondStaffordshire Bull Terrier
BulldogLabrador RetrieverWeimaraner
BullmastiffLhasa ApsoWest Highland White Terrier
Catahoula Leopard DogMalteseWhippet
Cavalier King Charles SpanielMastiffYorkshire Terrier

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