The Brittany is a good-natured, sweet, and easily trained breed. They have a great joy for life and are enthusiastic in everything they do – whether that’s playing, finding birds, or running.

Brittany’s were originally bred as gundogs – they helped hunters find and retrieve game, especially birds. They are a hyperactive breed and almost always have energy to spare. Because of their high energy, Brittany’s need plenty of exercise. They love to play and scout.

Brittany’s are extremely task-oriented and love to have a job. They can be sensitive to stern treatment. A sharp command or a strict look are usually enough punishment when they are acting up. These dogs can become withdrawn or timid if not treated with kindness.

Their friendly nature makes them great family pets. They do well with children – just be sure they don’t get over enthusiastic and accidentally injure them – and other pets.

Major Health Concerns: The Brittany is a generally healthy breed.  They are prone to hip dysplasia, and sometimes may suffer from epilepsy.

Interesting Fact: Although the Brittany is often referred to as a Spaniel, the breed’s working characteristics are more akin to those of a pointer or setter. They can be shy if not socialised from a young age and do not need strong correction as they can be sensitive to correction more so than other breeds. Generally friendly they need vigorous exercise and maintain very strong hunting instincts in all their bloodlines.

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