The Akita makes an excellent companion or guard dog. When sensing strangers or other dogs, they will bark, although not excessively. They are composed and faithful. While they are generally docile dogs, the Akita can be assertive and dominant, as well as food-possessive, and do not always get along well with other animals. They are willful and need firm training as a puppy. They have a strong instinct to chase anything that moves.

Highly intelligent and fiercely loyal, Akita’s are very social and love to spend time with their family. They do not like to be alone for long periods of time as they could become aggressive or destructive. Akita’s also have a couple unusual habits: grooming their body like a cat and stalking their pray silently and low to the ground, also like a cat.

Akita’s love to carry objects around in their mouth – including your wrist. Known as mouthing, this is how Akita’s communicate to the people they love. While sometimes charming, mouthing can quickly become annoying. It can be easily fixed, though, by training them to fetch things they can hold in their mouth such as newspaper or slippers.

Large in size, the Akita will require strong training skills. Because they are both loyal and stubborn, Akita’s do best when being trained by their owners rather than a trainer. It may take longer to train an Akita but if you use respectful training methods, they will be equally respectful.

Major Health Concerns: As with other large breeds, the Akita is prone to hip dysplasia. They may suffer from hereditary eye diseases such as entropin, glaucoma, or microphthalmia. They may suffer from auto-immune skin disorders.

Interesting Fact:  The Akita is also known as Akita Inu, Japanese Akita, and the American Akita.

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