Home or Clinic DNA Sample Collection Services

Whilst most of our clients choose to collect their own DNA samples
in the comfort of their own home following the instructions provided in our kit,
some opt for our special DNA sample collection service for total convenience.

At Home or Clinic Sample Collection

This service is really the ultimate when it comes to making the DNA testing process practical, easy and 100% fool proof. Besides the reassurance of everything done to perfection, having someone collect your samples has the added advantage of allowing you to ask any questions you may have about the DNA test.

International Biosciences offers 2 sample collection options for those clients who prefer the assurance of having a professional third party collect their DNA samples. Both the following services are available across the USA without exception.

Sample collection at a clinic: If you prefer to have someone collect your DNA samples, IBDNA can organise your sample collection in one of the collection centres we work with throughout the USA. This service makes collecting your samples convenient and quick as well as having the full reassurance of your samples collected by a professional sampler. Once we have confirmed this service, we find the clinic closest to you and assist you with arranging an appointment. The kit will be available at the clinic.

Sample collection at home: IBDNA can organise a sampler come directly to your house to collect your DNA samples. Our team of mobile samplers make sample collection more convenient and practical as you do not even need to leave your home!

For what tests can I avail of this service?

Home samplers and Clinic sample collection is available for:

  • All parentage tests and prenatal tests
  • Non-invasive prenatal paternity testing
  • Legal and immigration tests

How does it work?

The service can be purchased directly on our website order page. Once we have confirmed your order, your details will be forwarded to the clinic where your samples will be collected. The clinic will be contacting you to fix an appointment.

Samples from different individuals can be collected on different days and at different times.

Why take advantage of this service

There is nothing better than the assurance of a professional individual collecting your samples if you do not feel confident doing this yourself or do not fully trust individuals taking part in the test.

What are the costs?

The costs are:

$45 per person for home paternity testing and all peace of mind relationship tests

$45 per person for legal and immigration testing

$45 per blood draw for prenatal testing. If swab samples are to be included in a prenatal test, the cost if of $45 for collecting the mouth swab samples

$45 per person for mobile sample collection services.


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